Peter Gotsch — CV

Supervision of Masters Theses — selected
exceptional individual contributions

s15 Nguyen Thi Thanh, Xuan: Pro-Low-Income Housing Finance -The case study of Hanoi, Masters Thesis, Masters Programme of European Urbanism, TU Weimar, Co-Supersivor 2013
w15 Reyes, Elena 2015: Area-Based Interventions for Violence Prevention. The case of VPUU in Monwabisi Park, Cape Town. Masters Thesis. Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata – MESCI. (Co-supervisor)
w13 Calvo, Blanca 2013: Urban Segregation in the Buffer Strips. Edges, People, and Networks. Masters Thesis. Université Pierre-Mendès France (Institute de Grenoble). (Co-supervisor)
s13 Kasang, Nicholas: Violence prevention through urban intervention - Optimising spatial opportunities to inhibit insecurity in Caracas, Venezuela, Masters Thesis, Frankfurt am Main, 2013
s13 Abdelmoneim Attia, Jasmin: Urban Development of Khartoum. Analysis, Challenges and Possible Solutions, Masters Thesis, Frankfurt am Main, 2013
s13 Patrone, Virginia: Self-construction: A tool for slum upgrading in India, Masters Thesis, Frankfurt am Main, 2013
s13 Sabucco, April: Urban Communal Food Gardens - Emerging Spaces for Broader Social and Political Change?, Mastesr Thesis, Frankfurt am Main, 2013
s12 Aldana, Silvia: Participation and urban upgrading for effective crime prevention, The case of Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Masters Thesis, Darmstadt and Barcelona, 2012
s12 Lira, Cindy: The right to the ity, reflections on the concept to build civil society, Frankfurt 2012
w10 Fischer, Franziska: Open district hyderabad, Diploma, KiT Karlsruhe, 2011
w09 Scherer, Iris: Hyderabad Musi River Redevelopment; Thesis Project, Sponsored by the DAAD
w09 Schädler, Priscilla; Slum redevelopment concept for Rasoolpura, (Hyderabad)
w07 Barkowski, Kristina: „Strategies for India’s urban heritage, Exemplified by Hyderabad’s old centre“; Diploma project, [German], Sponsored by the Jahrhundertstiftung
wo6 Brauch, Johanna: „Urban growth at the quarter level, a study of Hyderabad‘s neighbourhoods“, Diploma, Sponsored by the German Science Ministry
w05 Rheingans, Katrin; Wildermann Nora: „Pueblo di Toba – Marcos Paz”, Design of an ecological quarter in the periphery of Buenos Aires
ws04 Bernd Bollmann, Gunnar Gombert, Martin Rößler: „Sustainable slum re-development of the Kalighat area in Kolkata“, Winner of the Environmental Award of the Sparkasse Karlsruhe
ws04 Stremler, Patrick and Gradengger, Ulrich: „Arriyadh – new buildings for the arab penninsula“, Studio project, Winner 1‘st prize international student competition of the Arriyadh Housing Authority
ss03 Keller, Maja: „Open space in Moshie Zongo – city development strategy for an informal settlement in Ghana“, Diploma, Herman Billing Price 2004