Peter Gotsch — CV

Projects at the Office of Herzog+Partner, Munich
post: project architect, research assistant

06.97–01.99 OBGAG office building Regensburg: Design concept for a new office high rise and restoration of the existing ensemble, LP 1-4: conception, draft design, 3-d visualisation, design, building application, cost planning, public relations, publications.
06.97–11.98 Unterer Wöhrd Regensburg: Master planning of a inner city quarter and Danube island (with Foster&Partners and Latz und Partner), workshops, conception, co-ordination with authorities, scientific documentation, publications.
08.98–12.98 Centre for environmental communication for the German environment foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt), Osnabrück: competition, first price, design services, environmental balancing using a prototype software (eco-pro), cost-planning.
04.98 Bank for International Settlements, Basel: competition design, conception, presentation.
02.98–07.00 Expo-roof at the am Hermes-lake, Hanover: lp 1-9, Design process with expert-planners, scientific documentation, cost planning, time planning, detail planning, tendering process, public relations.
07.99–01.00 Headquarters for the „Deutsche Messe AG“, Hanover: scientific report, publications.