Peter Gotsch — CV

Doctorate theses supervised — selected
exceptional individual contributions

2015+ Debbarman, Anisha: “I need, therefore I am”. How Conscious Living has Changed Human Needs, First supervisor, TU-Darmstadt, 2015 (ongoing)
2015+ Sharma, Aditi: Public Space Planning Strategies to Attain a Better Quality of Life in Newly Emerging Neighbourhoods: Case of Delhi and National Capital Region, First supervisor, TU-Darmstadt, 2015 (ongoing)
2015+ Alvares Fernandes, Patrícia Capanema: Reconciling spaces of insurgence and modernism: spatializing urban fissures in the state-built city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. External Jury Member, KU Leuven, Belgium
2013 Ugur, Lauren 2014: Beyond the Pilot Project Towards broad-based integrated violence prevention in South Africa. PhD dissertation. TU-Darmstadt. (Second supervisor)
2013 Michelutti, Enrico: An Institutional Approach to Urban Fragmentation: Power and Sustainability in Un-recognized Settlements of Mumbai, PhD Thesis assessment, Barcelona, 2013